Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Okay, I will try to write this post ASAP (as short as possible)..
This is exam week, but what makes me upset of masef myself is, I facebooking more than doing my revision. I admit, FB is boring.. like, DAMN BORING. But I get immersed with it.. I don’t even know why?? *nahhh It’s just an excuse coz I refuse to study* well there’s a reason behind it.
I think it’s because of my 1st paper that I took yesterday. Its physical education, and yepp,, its my minor paper. Minor no minor, that’s not the problem. The thing is, I have lost my will and spirit to gain excellent result as I know my 1st paper have SPOILED ! yeah S. P. O. I. L. E. D. à SPOILED! I know the distance between me and the grade ‘A’ (PE paper) is 1000000 km away.. T.T
Knowing the fact that I will not able to maintain my result (4.00 pointer) makes me lost my spirit to struggle on the 3 upcoming papers. Yeahh.. guess that’s the big reason why I love facing this damn boring facebook more than my books.

p/s à I seriously have no idea to put any suitable title. ‘XOXOXO’ simply came across my mind like, in sudden. So for those who expected I would write something about ‘Kiss and Hug’, sorry for disappointing you guys

Thursday, June 28, 2012


yeaaah! guys ! im damn happy yaw ! why why why?? beheeee.....

the reason is..

eyypp,, before that, I want to tell that before (during my foundation years), I never pray so hard like I used to be when I was on school bench. During my schooling days, I always pray and asks for excellent results in my exams,.. and yeahh, I got them.. I even nominated as an excellent student from primary school and to secondary school. right after that, when I started further my study here, I have stop from praying and ask for good result.. yepp I suddenly stopped. don't know why.. = =''  and as we could expect, I never have excellent result. just an ordinary one.. all 3 semesters I never get more than 3.5 pointers !

but last semester, I felt that I need to change.. I must be what I used to be (chee!) .. so I started all over again,, study hard and pray hard for my final exam of 1st semester..


last Monday (I'm on 2nd semester already).. I went to check my last semester result.. oh btw, my major is Mathematics (simply meant to show off ,, hahaha! )

then, my result is, 4.00 a.k.a 4flat ! I cannot control my self and damn happy about it then I called my parents to inform them this GREAT news ! my parents were soooo glad and said I should maintain it that way.. then, my mood changed.. yeaah man,.. that's the consequences having a flying colour result.. I have to maintain it if I want to have the first class degree..

I realise, all my seniors done excellently on their 1st semester but eventually their grade become lesser and lesser.. I'm afraid if I might be like them too.. =(  I wish I can maintain my result.. heyy ! that is just 1st semester ! still have another 7 semesters to go.. oh man..

it's kinda great bless to me,, but also a burden.. but it's okayy, I know God knows and have set everything for me.. all I have to do is just keep study, keep praying and never give up.. nothing is impossible right?


ok, CHIAOW..


Friday, June 22, 2012


heyy heyy heyy ! wassup uols??

okay okay okay.. before I take further step, its better if I make it clear that this post gonna be in 'bahasa rojak' inasmush as I want to make a real picture about a story that just happened..

alright then,..

3 day ago, I got a message via FB from my own old friend.. he asks me to upload our pictures that we snapped on our last outing at a recreational centre.. he also asks me to tag him.. so, I inform my other friends that are also gonna be uploaded their pictures. I mean, asking permission if they want it to. there were 4 of us. so the other two were also agree. they got no problem at all.. he asks me to upload it that night.. but, i have no time. so last night, I did as I have promised him. (yeaah I'm a type of person who always fulfill my promises to others).. then I off to bed at 3.53am..

suddenly this morning at 10am he called me on the phone.. I was like,, ''aah.. I need sleep !'' then I picked up the phone..

Him = Joy, ko upload tu semua gambar??

Me = (sigh.. yeah are u blind?) .. iyaa.. suda sy upload..

Him = kenapa ko upload??!

Me = aik?? kan ko yg minta aritu.. ko lagi yg suru sy tag ko..

Him = mana ad ! sy xda minta pun..

Me = ko yang suru sy upload okay! hari tuh ko text sy d FB, suru sy upload tuh pic2 ko..

Him = eyy.. gambar2 yang macam tuu lagi tuu.. aiyaa.. sy manada on9.. lama suda sy x on9..

Me = jadi?? klu bukan ko, siapa yg suru sy upload? ko laa tuh !

Him = sy xda on9.. si ****** (HIS GF'S NAME) saja yang selalu on9 fb sy..

Me = ap?? sy igt ko! astegaaa..

Him = biarlaa tu ! aiyah !

*then he ended the call..

I straight away get up from bed then start on9 my FB.. I wanted to delete that album A.S.A.P.. then I saw many people like that album and some of them also commented on the pictures.. then I saw 1 comment on our pic, it's from his GF saying 'macam kamu x hormat perasaan sy.. kawan pun ada batas ba..'.. I straight away deleted that album..

well all I can say, she's such a tricky person.. she's the one who asked me to upload that pictures by using her BF's fb acc.. then now she's mad at me.. pretending that she's the victim of all.. and he also mad at me.. both are blaming me on this.. all I can say, 'saya free2 jadik kambing hitam perempuan itu'..

WELL PLAYED PEREMPUAN ! WELL PLAYED ! bagus jugak laa.. dapat laa sy tgk the real picture of you.. paling hipokrit punya orang.. talam dua muka.. depan2 macam baik kunun, skali di belakang,.. hanya Tuhan saja yang tahu.. SEMOGA KAU BERBAHAGIA DI DUNIA DAN AKHIRAT DENGAN PERANGAI TRICKY DAN HIPOKRIT KAU ITU..


ok bye..

Saturday, April 7, 2012


HUYY! HUYY! HUY!!! do u have any idea about it?? emm what is morphing?? hahahhaha!!! I have the answer *crossing fingers* =p

just now, I've discovered what is it.. It's a new method to predict your future baby's face with anyone u like! bahahahaa!!! I have discovered my future baby's face with many guys (DIRTY GIRL !) especially hollywood stars!!! I have a good potential to produce cute babies with Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter), Jensen Ackles, Justin Bieber (yeaahh i know many people calls him GAY~WHATEVER) and lot more! <-- =..='' sounds like a S*UT..

aah! whatever! I'm pretty excited about it! why not, I'm a single girl that have many choices of man! =p

but, what I precious most is a picture that I morphed with a guy I know,, my own friend..he is ^%$!@#*(&^@%)*^%... shhhh! Don't tell him! hahahah! damn! that our~future~baby~girl's face is so cute!!! don't have to mix with the European, Hollywood stars or so on,, still our face can produce such cute pretty face! hahahahaa!

this is her face! cute!
but,, when it come to our baby boy,, DUHH! kinda broke my heart *hitting head on the table* = ='' this is what I got..
cute, but don't like the hair.. ==''
well, if U scroll down, U'll see the face of my future baby with Hollywood stars.. don't get jealous okeh??!! be ready!!!!!! XD

baby boy of me and JENSEN ACKLES >.<
baby girl of me and JENSEN ACKLES >.<

baby girl with JUSTIN BIEBER !
DANEL HENNEY and my baby boy!

the baby boy of me and BRAD PITT ! >.<
sorry ANGELINA J !
baby boy of me and my fav actor!

baby girl with Harry Potter..
she looks like her Daddy.. aww~~

alright, enough with this daydreaming and building castle in the air thingy.. I know it's just a part of imagination,, but pretty exciting tho! hahahaha! I love this morphing thingy! =p ^.~



Tuesday, March 27, 2012

PRAY for them..

I was about to finish my presentation by looking for tumour images to be fitted in my powerpoint.. but what I have found sank my heart.. I cant believe what I have saw.. i was like,''oh my God! oh! God..!'' when I saw picture of a man (I guess so..) with a very big tumour..

only God knows..

how suffering this man is.. but still, he live the way that he could.. no metter how hard it is, he's trying to survive.. God has destined his story of life.. he faced it and we are witnessing his suffer.. isn't it enough to open our eyes? seeing this picture makes me more appreciate myself and never wanted to do anything that could harm myself..

peeps, we may blame God for bad things happened to us, but look at him,.. does he blame the God? I don't think so.. as the matter of fact, he may be keep praying every single second, so God will take away his pain and suffer..

*I'm not a sentimental type of person, but this picture makes me cry.. not coz of that big tumour, but what he is thinking by now*

may God bless him, 
and others who's suffering cancer..



Saturday, March 3, 2012


good day fellas! >.<  how's holiday? ooh! I forgot, holiday is a week to go.. but yeahh, I'm a future teacher who's got SBE (school based experience) a week before holiday so it seems that I have a week early of 'holiday' and real holiday..
holiday or no holiday, just the same.. surrounded by racks of assignments! --> totally HYPERBOLE = ='
maybe not racks, but too many till I forgot some of them @_@ bahahaaa! ok, maybe I'm just too lazy.. but heyy! this is not my exact point making this post! ooh where I have lost..

ok, back to my point.. here, I wanted to share about my last experience going to Pahang.. it's kinda bad day for me.. it was a painful long journey.. but also, FUNNY ! when we were at the KTM station, I cannot withdraw my money.. the ATM machine got stuck and my bank card was inside! I was so panicked.. luckily my friend, Alence help me by just clicking the 'CANCEL' button = ='' I was such a clumsy person and cannot think straight if I freaked out.. I forgot the existence of the 'CANCEL' button.. stupid me >_<

then, we were in rush to get into the train! we were still on the other side when the train arrived! so have to run climbing the stairs, crossing the bridge and get down by carrying a luggage, a backpack, and a massive 'MYDIN' recycle bag.. really, feels like I wanted to cry ! maaann! that's totally exhausting! with no shy, we sat on the floor as there's no more seat in the train.. watta day =..=

I HATE THIS THINGY! especially it's door! damn it =.=''

as we arrived at Bandar Tasik Selatan (ooh! from Seremban!), we bought LRT ticket.. then, once again, we're in rush to get into the LRT! but this time, it's really too late! both my friends (Maisarah and Alence) already inside! the door was closing and I managed block the door using my luggage.. here's the situation, my luggage stuck on the door, along with my left leg, and my body still outside of the train.. both my friends sreaming and I was just laugh aloud in the same time ALMOST cry!! then they pulled in my luggage and I pushed my body to get into the train. BUT, DAAAHH! the door stucked my backpack that I use and I was stuck at the door! then both my friends tried to pull me in, but it's not working! so a Muslim lady and a Chinese man helped them by pulling me in! four of them trying to fight the DAMN ASSHOLE DOOR! luckily it works.. seriously, I hate the door!!!!!!!!

the 3 of us laugh loudly and people around were watching us. they must have seen the 'chaotic' situation. WHAT~SO~EVER.. I don't care.. all I know it was funny and scary.. and really, the door have pissed me off! damn door!

so we went to Kuala Lipis, Pahang by bus.. Mai's father fetch us at the bus station.. on that time, my gastric attacked me! but I didn't tell them.

all i know, it as a very LONG PAINFUL AND FUNNY journey ever! I enjoyed too.. even feels like wanted to cry.. bahahahahaaa!



Friday, March 2, 2012

YOU ! only YOU !


heyy.. YOU.. yeah! YOU! heheheheee!

there is one person who makes me happy if the 'person' is around me..
 *not physically around me*
i'm so glad he's (yeeaahh.. HE !) my friend.. for me, he has replaced two persons in my life !

to make it clear why i'm so happy with him and replaced the two persons, i'll explain everything..

before, I have a close friend. do u remember my old post about a friend of mine that have gone and return back? well, once again,, he's gone! he was the one who claimed himself as my 'guardian angel'.. but he have left.. so,, no more guardian angel.. all his promises have blown away by the wind,.. at the same time when we were still friend, I had a boyfriend (which now is my EX-BF).. they knew each other. but in the same time, they don't like each other.. okay, i'll give their name as X = my ex bf, and Q = my ex - 'guardian angel'.. the reason X don't like Q because he knew Q likes me.. maybe he's afraid I might like Q in return.. but it won't happen coz Q have a GF.. in contrast, Q don't like X because before being with me, X was in relationship with Q's classmate. so Q tagged X as a womaniser (for certain reasons). Q always ask me to leave X and it's because he's my guardian angel.. it's his responsibility to protect me from any pain. I was stuck between them! - but it's over now.. both of them have gone.. finally I can breathe.. not anymore in dilemma..

so here's the main story! the person who light up my life. he really took over the two guys' role! I can say he's my guardian angel coz he always support & advice me. he also played the role like my EX-BF did.. everywhere I go and everything I wanted to share I will tell him. It's because I'm comfort being with him.. he is the reason why I wanted to be single. through him, I can see the life being single so much fun and free. I wanted to be like him.. I do respect him, but in the same time I love to tease him (well, can't deny my evil side =D ) bahahahaha! but he also love to tease me! he calls me 'budak kecik'.. =_='' !  then that's fair.. for me, he's perfect.. I met him at a theater meeting. we're in the same club! at my first view, I thought he's a silent type of person, and a shy one. but once knowing him better, he's totally a big bully, funny, talk-a-lot, kind and nice! I do believe everyone around him also loved to be with him.. JUST LIKE I DO ! ^^,  thank you for everything, BUDAK JAHAT!



Tuesday, February 21, 2012


good day everyone! yahahahaaw!
heyy, psstt! I wanted to share something.. interested?? (even u're not I'm still gonna yah tell anyway..)
*syok sendiri*

okeh,okeh! pokus Jojoy! pokus! no more crappy intro! >.<

here, I have something important to share about FACEBOOK ABUSE ... hahahaa! I just made that up! (^^,)
yeeaahh,, nowadays some young teenagers (ehem! I mean younger teenagers than me okeh??) are using facebook in a wrong way! I mean,, a very-very wrong way! *not satisfied + angry*

it's about the page on Facebook! yeaaahh, yyeaahh,.. surely well-known peoples will have their page on FB right? BUT,,but,, what I'm mad about is, THOSE ORDINARY TEENAGERS also have page of them? I mean,, WHAT THE HELL?!! what, they think they are superstar??.. politician??.. superman??.. power puff girls??.. =..=  *lost for a moment*

OK, back to the topic.. they made up their page, put some *cute pictures -- especially with duck mouth* so people will like the page.. then what?.. I know they have their own right for doing what ever they want, but they should know who they are, and their position.. I mean, WAKE UP KIDS!! if they did contribute something to this nation or to the world, they may deserve to made up their page. but if not, then those page are just to promote themselves to peoples.. PUBLICITY.. all I can say, those page are SHIT.. (yeaahh it's a mean word, I know)..

all in all, in MALAY, ''bajet artis laa sangat.. x sedar diri''..




Friday, February 10, 2012


During a lecture, when my lecturer talk about baby's formation it reminds me of a video that I have seen before.. damn it I'm telling u,, it was AMAZING!! after that I tried to find the video via uTube.. yeay! I've found it!! this video makes me feel appreciate myself and people around.. like, REALLY! NOW I DO! after seeing the video, there's one precise thing changed in me.. I will not judge people's look.. never.. (before, I always do.. I just cant help it!-yeaahh... I'm %##&^$..) cause everyone is special (damn I hate that words!) .. but got to admit.. as the matter of fact, judging people doesn't make us better! but worse! furthermore, some people don't choose to born imperfect.. but still, they are the champion among thousands of 'other them' (if you know what I mean) so, THINK AGAIN fellas! XD

oh! here's the video!!


OK, Chiaow..


Friday, February 3, 2012


hiuw3!!! few days from now, I'm goin to join an event in my campus.. COMPULSORY dowh.. I'm off to PD (Port Dickson) for 4days and 3nights.. yeahhh,.. CAMPING!! frankly, I'm TOTALLY EXCITED! actually this is my 1st real experience ever! living in a tent! totally cool and adventerous! that's why I'm excited.. been dreaming of it since I was little (well, little-lerr) .. I still remember, almost every night,I will build up my tent, made of blanket.. and pretending I'm camping! (damn.. imaginary me!).. *Oohh, I bet YOU guys have done the same thing too*

this event (program actually) is called B.I.G (stands for Bina Insan Guru).. yeaahh well, being a teacher is not easy.. must be balanced in all field.. education (like me, MATHS), art, sports and lot more.. this is one of them.. I'm glad my parents have 'thrown' me in this career years ago as NOW i started to like it! hehehheehe! especially when it comes to OURDOOR ACTIVITIES... I also cant wait the activities that will be carried out during the camping... hope everything will be just fine all the time..



Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Just me & my guitar

hallo fellas! (im not in a good mood) *sigh

recently I cannot stop strumming my guitar... I'm addicted to learn new songs.. my favorite of all is ''It will rain'' by Bruno Mars.. yeaahh the lyrics had become an issue recently.. don't want to talk further about it..

uuh! ignore the intro and the title.. it has nothing to do with my post..

I'm in a very bad mood coz i saw something that makes me mad, I saw it on FACEBOOK! damn it! I saw one girl followed my THEME ! I mean the one that I used to use! ''the doctor''.. im the one who used that theme on FB! then my EX-BF follows me.. then another girl from nowhere follows me! FUCK THAT BITCH.. she uses ''the doctor'' in her FB! shit.. i mean like,, SHIT.. seriously, S.H.I.T..  im mad, coz I know who made her follow me.. it must be my EX-BF.. he must claimed that theme was his, and I'm the one who follows him. and now that girl who LIKES him will also follow him.. well here's to both of you, FUCK U! I know my EX-BF.. he always twist the true story.. he cannot be trusted.. Just that, he's good .. oh no! HE'S GREAT.. in lying!

*Sorry guys, when i'm mad I cannot control my emotion and harsh words will come out.. that's a very bad habit.. and again, SORRY for the "MEAN WORDS".. maybe I'm PMS.. O.o

ok, CHIAOW..


Monday, January 9, 2012

Nostalgia Colours The Present..


mannn,, I suddenly had a flashback (errr =.='' just like in the literature class) about my past life.. I mean my Secondary School HEYDAY! there's too much memories that carve smile on my face every time they crossed my mind.. ''sweet sour bitter'' of student life, racing to claim the title of 'the best student' and trying to find identity.. mannn (AGAIN =.='') I miss that moment!

here's the thing, me, JOY (Kwaijit), my three other friends, POLY (Kakaw), JOE (Terim) and KINE (Ebol) are the best student in our school.. we're bestfriend and in the same time, we are competing each other.. every test, excel, trial and exam we will compete.. yeahh.. a healthy competition.. not only in education, but also sport.. especially basketball..,, theatre, and any activities in our school..

we even made up a name for our group, EGYPT POLKA DOLLS .. haha! looks immature huh?! actually I dont even know what ''Egypt'' have connected to us.. we choose it,, cause to make a nice acronyms where the Egypt Polka Dolls --> E.P.D .. (nice, but sounds like a police department) =.=''  Polka came from POLKA DOT and we just change the DOT into DOLLS (yeahh we claim ourself as CUTE DOLLS) grrr.... haha!

when we were still on the school bench (yeahhh.. kiddo and young) we shared a dream.. when we grow up, we will build our very own wedding company.. I will be the wedding planner, Poly will be the wedding dress fashion designer, Joe will be the chef and bake wedding cakes, and finally Kine will do the bride-groom make up.. huwaaa... we are full of dream and imagination!

oh! oh! we also have a nickname in our group, using cute fruit names!

I put their pixxa in sequence..

she is NURUL ASYIKIN MAT ZAIN.. or Ebol.. or, Kiwi by her fruit name.. a typical and complicated person, cheerful and naughty one.. we both love MATHEMATICS a lot! she's the oldest among us, but the SMALLEST one.. haha! cute!

This girl is POLYNICA PARISEH.. or Kakaw.. or, by her fruit name, Orange.. she's a very independent girl, protective, logic, funny and full of humour.. she's so good in Language.. both English and Malay.. and,and,and,, she's the second oldest.. FYI, she's my bestie since primary school..

this one is JOINA JOANES.. or TERIM.. or, her fruit name is Cherry.. she's a type of LOL person, humorous, happy go lucky, noisy and the toughest.. she's damn good in English.. She's the third oldest among us four..

since they're the 1st, 2nd and 3rd old,.. meaning to say,, i'm the youngest one! haha! (got nothing to laugh about) =.=''  and btw, my fruit name is LEMON!

yeahhh... we escaped the Physical Education Class to enter this ''modelling photoshoot'' class.. duhh! =.=''

err, ignore that spelling error.. haha! my bad! =p

here are some of our pictures during extra class.. yeahhh we're addicted to snap pictures.. in any time, any place..

P/S - I miss them! >.<



Friday, January 6, 2012

SO NOT ME .. =.=''

guapu nuh? ~broken tagalog =.=''

TOMOYA NAGASE!!!! I love you! (see?? so not me!) actually I'm not a big fan of Japanese or Korean actor  and actress.. but, I just dunno! I suddenly fell to this one, Tomoya Nagase,, yaa,yaa,yaa i have mention that earlier,, silly me >.<

''He'' also made me change my taste, that is (before,) I like to see guys with punk hair,.. so cool! but (now,) I like to see guys with long hair ~ which I really, really don't like before coz to me, it's messy!

even though I like (to see) guys with long hair, they must come along with good looking face, suits to have a long hair and neat, just like my TOMOYA NAGASE.. miahahahha!!

OH MY GUCCI!  I love to see him in this hair style!


handsome him!

looks nerd, but NICE & LOVELY!

haoyoo.. kung puede lang shia ang BF ko eh!


see that?? he's cute in any hair style!

sexy gayot.. >.<



Thursday, January 5, 2012



HOME SICK! I've never felt like this.. (actually I did,but a year and a half ago).. that was my first time move out from my house, and stay here at peninsular to further my study.. bla...bla..bla...

on the 2nd and 3rd semester of foundation, I was just fine and don't feel homesick.. just a normal happy girl.. (miahahahahaha!!!) but this year, on the 1st semester DEGREE, suddenly I feel homesick and desperately wanna go back! maybe it's because there's something I don't want to leave behind... YUP! THERE IS! my niece, MARLYANE or BABY.. yeah in my whole life, only able to spend my time with her trice,.. by losing the moment seeing her growing up in every 6 months.. sounds terribly sad! oh God, i miss that charming little girl..

ok, thats all..