Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Just me & my guitar

hallo fellas! (im not in a good mood) *sigh

recently I cannot stop strumming my guitar... I'm addicted to learn new songs.. my favorite of all is ''It will rain'' by Bruno Mars.. yeaahh the lyrics had become an issue recently.. don't want to talk further about it..

uuh! ignore the intro and the title.. it has nothing to do with my post..

I'm in a very bad mood coz i saw something that makes me mad, I saw it on FACEBOOK! damn it! I saw one girl followed my THEME ! I mean the one that I used to use! ''the doctor''.. im the one who used that theme on FB! then my EX-BF follows me.. then another girl from nowhere follows me! FUCK THAT BITCH.. she uses ''the doctor'' in her FB! shit.. i mean like,, SHIT.. seriously, S.H.I.T..  im mad, coz I know who made her follow me.. it must be my EX-BF.. he must claimed that theme was his, and I'm the one who follows him. and now that girl who LIKES him will also follow him.. well here's to both of you, FUCK U! I know my EX-BF.. he always twist the true story.. he cannot be trusted.. Just that, he's good .. oh no! HE'S GREAT.. in lying!

*Sorry guys, when i'm mad I cannot control my emotion and harsh words will come out.. that's a very bad habit.. and again, SORRY for the "MEAN WORDS".. maybe I'm PMS.. O.o

ok, CHIAOW..


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