Monday, April 8, 2013


nice and true. cinta ku tertinggal di Sabah. in coincidence, I was listening to this song and related to the story I want to share in this beautiful night that companied with bright stars.. *CHE!* 

okay okay okay.. 
before proceed to the story of the day, let me say HI PEEPS ! LONG TIME NO SEE ! *frankly, i forgot the existance of my blogsite.. pheey.. = =''

here.. now the story we've been waiting.. 

last monday, April 1st 2013 (happy april fool !!) was the day I'm leaving Sabah and heading to N9.. my flight was at 6.55 pm.. I went to the airport at 5 and my Mr. Right was waiting for me there. *ah yes, he arrived first* 
I was very excited seeing his face and hold him tight at all time cause I know that moment wont last as I have a flight to attend for the next 1 hour! During the drop luggage, I saw an article says that passenger should be at the boarding area at least 20 min before depart. so I made a decision to boarding at 6.35 (exactly 20min before my departure time). 
We went to KFC to fill my empty stomach, then take some pictures and have a lot of conversation.. then 30min before departure we stand at the que area and waiting for the remaining time to be spent as wise as possible. we hugged each other at all times.

then suddenly my phone rang.. it's my roomate who is also in the same flight as mine.. she called and ask my whereabout. I was so shocked as my jaw fell on the ground *HYPERBOLE = ='' * when she said they're already on the plane!

damn my leg was shaking *as if they want to dance Harlem Shake!* and I ran toward the immigration.. my patience almost exploded cause the man who's checking my ID took a long time!!! I almost shout to him "will you please be a little hurry?!!!! im losing my flight you jack**s!" yes, i have those sentence in my head but didnt spill it out. then later I see no one in the lining area for getting on the plane - cause they already on the plane ! my adrenaline rush so hard then I went to the bunch of women who's wearing red uniform and says "excuse me? flight AK5117 please??!" then they also in panic seeing me losing my flight. a woman uses her walkie talkie informing them about me then she says "ooh ni flight kamu yang depan ni jak".. 

right after saying thank you I ran as fast I could *possibly can defeat Usain Bolt* and almost slip because the stupid wet mosaic. but I made it.. after sot on the plane, I slowly calm my self and my heart beat rate also slower.. then i saw my Mr. Right's text 'pelan2 okay..' maybe he saw me 'lari lintang pukang' right before. ahahahhaaa...