Thursday, December 22, 2011

more than words..

''I love you more than words'' someone said that to me! yaa I just found out when I opened my old diary (the one for kiddo!).. but the point is, I have forgot the person who have said that,.. I hardly tried to recall but ended up with disappointment.. all I know, I might have been hurt then move on until I really have forgot the person.. yeahh! congrats to me! XD

but, that is not the point for my post.. I wanted to tell about someone I love among that I love most! =.=''???

hehehehe.. itsalla... it's all about my DAD! he saw me bought Arsenal pillow and from there, he knew I love Arsenal (but not too much, I'm new in soccer world)..
last time, he went to town with my mum.. when they returned, he called me and showed me a cap ( I'm not sure if that thing called CAP.. XD ) with Arsenal stitches on it! I was surprised! It's not about the ''cap'' because I'm not interested with such things, but his spirit and excitement to surprise me have makes me touched.. I almost cry in happy seeing his excited face,, then he asked me to put it on.. i just try to make him feel appreciated so I put it on and said I'm extremely happy having the cap..

my sister saw it and said ''biasa jak pun'' (means, nothing's special) .. ooh! it's not the ''cap'' that makes it special, but my dad! mum told me that he cant wait to show me the ''cap'' when they was on their way home.. well, I'm happy for that.. =) 

It's my precious for sure =)



Sunday, December 11, 2011


krekk! whoaa! that's the sound of my backbone! i've bend my body for hours.. =.=''

now, today, this morning (whatever joy!!) I want to tell sth IMPORTANT.. come! lemme whisper.. %*$*%&^%$^&$^*%&^/.. for sure i cannot whisper.. (watta h**l im mumbling about??!)

okayh! okayh! here's the thing.. see that title eh? well, 'him' i pointed as MY FATHER, tatay ko, aking ina! (nah! my tagalog is out!) hohoho! =.='' emm not funny!

well ( KEEP REPEATING "WELL"), he is a multitalented person and i really admire him not because i'm his daughter, but because THE WAY HE IS!

he is good in cooking.. for sure.. he can cook anything! (not everything).. hehehe! he can bake pancake, any meals, "kuih muih" (hahhaha! i dunno that word in english! damn broken english!) , and,,and,,and,, my favourite of all, he can make candy!!! yaa! hand-made candy! all i can say, he's a genius in cooking (but cannot defeat CHEF WAN <--- M'sia's best chef).. that's too far anyway..

other than that, he can fix things! any electrical, motor, wood things! yeaahh people of my neighbourhood sends their broken item to our house so he will fix it.. sometimes they call him to come over their house as they cannot bring big items like ceiling fan, washing machine & so on.. FOR FREE! so i will have no worries if i hav broken things if he is around.. he also can fix motorcycle,.. he can build one too! yeahh no lies! everything he can fix,, except CAR.. well (AGAIN!) no one is perfect right?

he can create any item to play made of sticks, rocks, plastic of anything! so all i can say, my life (my other family member too) are complete.. because of him..

he become the PERFECT MAN in my eyes because of the pain he had when he was young.. he don't want us to experience the same pain as he had.. he wants us to have a complete life.. he would do anything for us.. so i will have no complains about anything he gave me.. or anything i want but dont have it.. NOPE,, I WONT COMPLAIN!
 so, i made a guideline.. i want to be with someone exactly like my dad! and my mum is the luckiest person on earth coz she owns my dad! <3  love yo'll..

Dad, i love you!


Friday, November 25, 2011

I have U!

yallow! how r yah?!
do u remember my old post about a friend of mine who have gone (GONE not stand for died, but GONE!) .. it is because of... epp! why shud i tell the same thing?? if u wanna know, then read that old post of mine! XD

here's the thing, HE's BACK! yeaahh,.. my friendship with him is so special.. the way he loves me (as a friend) is different! even my bestie (VORONIA) told me that the way he loves me is special,.. but, it's after know the true story.. that's my post is about,.. the story of his returning...

in FB, i approved many friend req but didn't realise about a friend named Kurt J. Danish.. he dun use real DP, he was using super mario's pic.. =.='' yeah who would've realise that?.. he tried to reach me like trying to catch my attention to chat wif him.. but honestly, i dun like to chat wif people who dun show their real face.. one night i chat with him as i attracted the way he chat, i mean his English was good! we chat fully in English and in my thought, he must be a clever but ugly boy.. (uuh, that's EVIL!)

i asked him to use his real pix, but he refused,.. hmm.. what~so~ever! i dun care.. but, he told me that he keep looking at my pictures ad it really freaked me off and kinda creepy.. yeah! who would't?? i mean he's using fake pictures, but looking at me real face pictures! he asked me what kind of person i think of him? i ans real honest, i was thinking he's a stalker.. hahaha! there's too many story between us on that one~night~chat..

on the next morning, he was asking me to leave 'someone' and i was really mad as who he think he is?? we barely know each other and now simply asking me to do sth under his order?! hell no!

on the next~next~next night, we have chat, AGAIN.. he makes me feel interested about him but the thing is, i dunno him! he said i do know him and he knows me but i have no idea who he is and as far as i know, he must be obsessed with me just like in the movie.. haahahh! silly me! >.<

late of the night, we were talking about friendship, and he said he missed me,.. urhh.. that's creepy! then i told him, i know the feeling of missing someone as im having the same feeling, but to someone else.. to an old friend of mine! then he said, he knows,.. because the person i miss is him.. then he told me that Kurt J. Danish is not his real name.. he have another real FB acc.. only one person i miss on that time.. and it's true, it was HIM,.. he was the person i miss.. he was my LONG LOST BESTFRIEND..

he said he tried to reach me so he made up new fb acc, to reach me.. that letter "J" in Kurt J. Danish stands for my name, Joy,.. on that time, i cant stop crying! huwaaaa!!!! i do really miss him!!!! he really loves me and never leave me,. because he is my GUARDIAN ANGEL.. i love u my friend!!!

this is OUR BOOK^^ 
he made it.. for us, for OUR STORY, for OUR FRIENDSHIP..


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I'm getting older

some of u might know about my birthday, I mean my DOB.. XD
emmm.. on October 7th is a D-day for me.. but honestly, I felt nothing.. c0z when I stayed at home, my family will celebrate it.. but now, there's no chance at all since I've moved out for the sake of continue my study *sigh*
so I knew nothing will be special... na'aah.. well that was my mind set on my Bday eve (hahah!) -Oct 6th ..
exactly at 12.00 a.m (Oct 7th), suddenly two chinese girls (they are my coursemate and my neighbour at hostel) ambushed me when I was on my bed, facebooking.. damn I was so shock when they said HAPPY BIRTHDAY and gave me a box of SECRET RECIPE cake!! oh my god! I didn't expected it! really! on the same time, my roomate asks me to listen to sth, it is a Bday song! hahahaaa.. the chinese girls told me it is sincerely from her (Lai Lee Lu), Ling Kuok Lik, Richma (my roomie), Nadia, Alence and VijayaRamakrishna .. I love u babes!!


even it is simple, but it's fucking (fuck is a mean word!!!) meaningful for me! I tried to finish up the cake but it took a long..long...long time to make sure that cake is in my digestion! aahhaha!

then, on early in the morning (not sure the time~but it's DARK!) I heard sth in my room but I just ignored it as my sleep is too precious for me to disturb it! when I got awake, I saw a big present on my table! aaaww!!!! now what! full of surprises!! I grabbed that gift and a Bday card then read what's inside.. no metter how hardcore in am (CHE!!) , Im still a girl... I was CRYING reading that card! It was from my close friend,VORONIA..!! she surely have surprised me! when I unwrapped it,AAWW~~~ it was a CUTEMOST penguin doll and I named it as DADAQ, as voronia's nickname is DADAK .. hehehhee!!


here I could see how much they appreciate me and my existance as their friend..

ok, CHIOW! 


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

IT'S Tuesday !

what's with Tuesday?? huh? XD

it's the big event where all my back ache are paid! it's the NETBALL FRIENDLY MATCH! emm the result, just STAY TUNED fellas! =p

during the match, it's not so exhausting as I complained before.. it's maybe c0z I already have a good stamina since I practised every-single-day.. whoohoo! Im the centre yo! =.='' *show off*
at the first match, we, the 1st team (Maths unit) versus 2nd team (Science unit) .. we won.. I witnessed the scoreboard shows 8 - 2 .. oww... kinda far.. then the 2nd team versus the outsider (KMS students) oh! oh! KMS stands for Kolej Mara Seremban .. damn they are good! they won with 17 - 0 ! owww.. too.. too.. too far ! when it's our turn to defeat them, I was kinda nervous ( but not so much ok?).. we managed to make the first shoot .. then the KMS team.. then us.. then KMS.. when it's already 3 - 3, I was so stupid damn fool c0z I made mistakes! €.€ dont want to tell my mistakes here €.€ .. which cause my team left behind and the KMS team are getting their score more and more... uuh! Im responsible for this! small mistake would make a big effect! then the final result is.... DRUM ROLL PLEASE!! ............ cheng! kebak bak bum! ding dong ! #^$&^%*%^*%&^((* !! yeaahh that's the result.. hahahaha! XD

who cares who have won or lost? all I can say, just enjoy it and never get emotional especially when you are playing any physical games .. it would makes you feel even tired and no spirit to play ..

 at the end, I was just smile and happy.. the later on, I feel like crying ! c0z I just realised that my leg was sprain ! damn! then the bruise getting worst.. hopefully tonight it will get better as tomorrow we got rehearsal for sth IMPORTANT in our campus !

the red one is my unit, and the green one is the science unit..
I love this picture c0z we both the centre looks cute ! XD


Thursday, September 22, 2011


'lang sin tii'... hahahahhahaa! well, in everyday life there always be a happy and painful moment yeeeh? sometimes having both in the same time.. that's what i've faced.. =.=''
emm.. we were in practice for a becoming friendly netball game with other institution.. (MY POSITION IS THE CENTRE!~WANNA SHOW OFF FIRST..hua3!!!) - but it's nothing lorh... needs to be an 'active monkey' as I cant stop to catch a breath when the game is on coz I have to run back and fort for entire field.. yeahh.. being a Centre is not fun... totally tiring!!! epp!!! back to topic! grrr........

Im taking back my last sentence! ~we were in practice and I accidently catch the ball in a wrong hand position (which we called as FOSHISHI in our very own language, Kantarin)- ahax! emm how to explain the accident? lemme think..................................................................................
OK, like this.... the ball hit my 3 fingers(right hand) which caused the bones of my three poor tiny cute fingers (che!) pushed into my palm... got the picture? nevermind.. hahaha! but not so critical.. I just burst into tears that's all... after have a little rest, I continued my game even it's still painful.. after the practice, when i got back to room, I realised the bruise got worst! i can't bend my fingers too much! oh no! how am I going to do a handwriting during my ENGLISH PAPER TEST on the next day?! errr, I can but have to bend my fingers and stand for the pain..

seems not so bad,.. but u'll never feel the pain!

that is not my original handwriting! it's the result of me forcing my hands to write..

the condition I hold my pen..
looks steady, but I was shaking in pain!

 what I can say, it's part of the fun! but now, my fingers are just fine and I still continue my practice.. and they are getting better... if I 'spoil' the pain too much, I won't get better,.. so, just deny the pain and force myself (you can be too!) to do what should be done!


Friday, September 16, 2011


ahaa! well,well,well. WHO'z the victim this time??! OUR LOVELY TUTOR, Mdm. Mazni of course! she invited us on Monday, and we made up a plan to give her a visit on Friday (uuuh! long enough to wait!!).. we were there by our own transportation, and also by our other tutor, Tn. Hj. Shuib.. we rely on him(our tutor) to be there c0z we tot he would know her place.. too bad, (T.T) we got lost.. wahahahahhahaa!!!! but not so CRITICAL situation for sure, we just missed her house. finally, we managed to arrived there on time. yeaahhh... she has a very nice and BIG house..... after enjoy the meal, here we (the girls) go... PHOTO SHOOT TIME! what i love about my class is, we share the same damn interest, SNAP PICTURES *who don't anyway??* and the boys love to tease us..(uuuh!) who cares! hahahhaa.. here some of the events.............................

hahahahaa!! we're creative when we get together...
really like (love) PHOTO SHOOT !

here's the ROMEOs of our class... 
extremely naughty classmate. 
the man in maroon is our tutor.


Friday, September 9, 2011

Nonstop ''OMG !!!!''

yeaahh... just now i watch videos of talented kids ( i love to watch kids make awesome performance!)
but this one, have stunted me speechless(at the beginning) and lately i keep saying OMAIGAT! OMAIGAT! (omg! omg!) .. it(the vid) really impress me! c0z the kids just five yrs old but able to do sth EXTRAORDINARY! damn they are amazing! wish i can train my future heir (AAAMMMEENNN) like them.. huhahuhahuhaa! watch the vid here and don't forget to say OMG! XD ok. Chiaw!

Thursday, September 8, 2011


I AM CRAZY!! grrr!!! it's a very.. very.. very.. stupid statement i've ever said! (actually, typee..)
well, thats true... why? because of MR. A a.k.a ASSIGNMENTS ! obviously when u step your foot on a higher institution u would never run away from it! worst is, i cant sleep at night! this assignment thingy really have disturbed my biological clock! huh! sucks! often fall asleep during lectures (especially BM & PEN lecture!) ..
@.@ .. DIZZY OREDY...

yeaahh.. my condition during the BATTLE of me versus assignment !

Monday, September 5, 2011

TEARDROPS on my Guitar

well,, hahahaa... here's the thing.. it's not my tears drop on my guitar.. na'ah.. XD
it was my FIRST day for guitar lesson... somehow, that's the thing i wanted to learn! finally, my wish became reality.. hua3!! damn happy yaw! my bestie (BFF) asks her friend to teach us.. that was an awesome experience! love it.. i only pass to play the song of PRICE TAG.. hehehehee..

one day, i'll buy a guitar and it's our dream (me and my bestie) to make cover of our favourite songs.. hehehhee.... AMEN! ok! CHIAW!

                             YYEAAH!! that's me.. COOL huh? XD

                                          that's the MASTER SIFU..

yep2!! thats my bestie! cool like me huh? eheheh!!                                                    

Thursday, July 21, 2011

naughty girl

A mother passing by her daughter's bedroom was astonished to see the bed was nicely made and everything was picked up. Then she saw an envelope propped up prominently on the center of the bed. It was addressed, "Mom." With the worst premonition, she opened the envelope and read the letter with trembling hands: 

Dear Mom: It is with great regret and sorrow that I'm writing you. I had to elope with my new boyfriend because I wanted to avoid a scene with Dad and you. I've been finding real passion with Ahmed and he is so nice-even with all his piercings, tattoos, beard, and his motorcycle clothes. But it's not only the passion Mom, I'm pregnant and Ahmed said that we will be very happy. He already owns a trailer in the woods and has a stack of firewood for the whole winter. He wants to have many more children with me and that's now one of my dreams too. Ahmed taught me that marijuana doesn't really hurt anyone and we'll be growing it for us and trading it with his friends for all the cocaine and ecstasy we want. In the meantime, we'll pray that science will find a cure for AIDS so Ahmed can get better; he sure deserves it!! Don't worry Mom, I'm 15 years old now and I know how to take care of myself. Someday I'm sure we'll be back to visit so you can get to know your grand children. 

Your daughter, Judith 

PS: Mom, none of the above is true. I'm over at the neighbor's house. I just wanted to remind you that there are worse things in life than my report card that's in my desk center drawer. I love you! Call when it is safe for me to come home. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Well, here I am now.. after days didn’t update my blog.. ahaa… anybody misses me? (guess no one..)
            Actually, I wanted to talk about me, my, mine, and myself (WHAT-SO-EVER!!)
Its about my D.R.E.A.M.. since young, I wanted to be a doctor as I love to see inner part of human body. HELL YEAH!!! Especially when it comes into surgery.. WHOAA!! That’s totally kewl!! And adventurous!! (for me).. most of the channel I tuned to when the ‘magic box’ a.k.a TV in front of me, is @^#%#%&$&%.. ahahhaa!! Well, honestly I forgot the channel is, since its been half a year I left home.. (emm yes,, I dun watch TV in hostel.. even I do, it don’t have ASTRO..LAME!!).. back to old ones,, one day my friend got injury.. gaaah!! Spooky dowh!! The blood .. (EEPP!! Lemme explain 1st the injury before proceed to the blood thingy.. ~ he cut his finger off.. accidently of course!) was so dark.. RED DARK.. eeewwwhh!! Then I realise that im afraid of blood actually. So, as I determined to be a doctor (which the basic for sure is not afraid of blood and pain..) I teach myself of not afraid of it.. then I did it! Cz in the other time I witness bad injury, I managed to watch it closer.. HOHOHOHOO!! Once again (actually, that’s the first one..).. I Won over myself..
Then, my friend gave me a vid which totally scary as there have many accidents and serious injuries.. broken bones, cut head off, and many more! Then I was about to train myself of not afraid of it.. before I did it, suddenly (when I was in matriculation.. I was grown up already!!) I got teacher training offer.. (damn! Being a teacher was never my plan!) .. I was hoping I don’t have to go.. BUT.. BUT.. BUT.. (there’s always be BUT!!) my father was asking (not begging, nor forcing) me to go for the offer.. hhmm.. what to do.. my heart broke into pieces.. I have to fulfill his dream instead of mine since all these years im studying to gain success just for them, and they(my parents) deserve to get what they want from me.. so I just follow his words..
I was trying to chill myself on that time by thinking of “I don’t have to train myself to be brave of facing the extreme spooky thingy..” yeahh,.. that’s the bright side actually,.. but leaving my very own dream was a big disaster and really set me down.. trying to chill myself?? DOESN’T WORK OUT!
 On the last night before leaving matrix, my bestieys,, Cherry and Steph asked me our for dinner (at cafĂ©!).. then I cried out my sadness to them.. then Cherry said , ‘u will be there for something.. you got the offer for something..because it is the power of something’ .. she said that phrase was said to her when she got matrix instead of JPA.. yeaahh. The power of something.. I still hold that words till now.. im still looking for the ‘something’ .. during im looking for it, I’ve gained much ‘life’.. all the bitter sweet in life.. guess that is the ‘something’ that was waiting for me all these time.. time to time, I fell in love to this institute (teacher training) and to  this carrier (not so strong enough, but I still have the feeling of love over it..).. so, thanks to cherry for her words.. and still, im looking forward(more) for the ‘something’..

Friday, May 20, 2011

JOKES! (ahahahahhaaaa!!!) ~eemm... =.=''

There are 3 guys that are stuck on a cliff. God has gave them each one wish, so they can escape the cliff. But god says that in order for them to get their wish they have to run and jump off the cliff. So the first guy gets a running start and then jumps and says " I wish i could be an eagle!" He goes flying. The second guy runs and jumps and wishes to be an airplane, he goes flying. Then finally the last guy goes, he gets a running start and trips," SHIT!"

Please Pass The Mayo
A kid came home from school and asked his dad, "Dad, I heard some kids talking about a thing called a vagina. What is a vagina, and what does it look like?"
"Well, son, before sex it looks like a beautiful unopened rose."
"Wow, what does it look like after sex?"
"Well, son, have you ever seen a bulldog eating mayonaise?"

Last Request
Cannibals capture three men. The men are told that they will be skinned and eaten and then their skin will be used to make canoes. Then they are each given a final request. The first man asks to be killed
as quickly and painlessly as possible. His request is granted, and they poison him. The second man asks for paper and a pen so that he can write a farewell letter to his family. This request is granted,
and after he writes his letter, they kill him saving his skin for their canoes. Now it is the third man's turn. He asks for a fork. The cannibals are confused, but it is his final request, so they give
him a fork. As soon as he has the fork he begins stabbing himself all over and shouts, "To hell with your canoes!" 

A fireman is at the station house working outside on the fire truck when he notices a little girl next door. The little girl is in a little red wagon with little ladders hung off the side.
She is wearing a fireman's hat and has the wagon tied to a dog. The fireman says "Hey little girl. What are you doing?" The little girl says "I'm pretending to be a fireman and this is my fire truck!"

The fireman walks over to take a closer look. "Little girl that sure is a nice fire truck!" the fireman says. "Thanks mister", says the little girl. The fireman looks a little closer and notices the little
girl has tied the dog to the wagon by it's testicles.
"Little girl", says the fireman, "I don't want to tell you how to run your fire truck, but if you were to tie that rope around the dog's neck I think you could go faster."
The little girl says, "You're probably right mister, but then I wouldn't have a siren!"

Two hunters in the woods
There were two hunters in the woods. All of the sudden one of them trips on a tree stump. The other guy bent down and checked what was wrong with him, he saw that he wasn't breathing so he dailed 9-1-1 on his phone,
* Operator-This is 9-1-1 how can I help you?
* Hunter-Yes, my friend tripped over a tree stump.
* Operator-O.K. but make sher if he is died or not.
* after a while she hears a gun shot
* Hunter- O.K. now what .. LOL!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


hmmm... (my INTRO mode ~ SAD..)

here i wanted to tell a story.. i have a friend.. a very close one.. VERY.. VERY.. CLOSE ONE!! we used to texting, almost everyday... it's been 3 years and do U know what is amazing in our friendship??? we never quarrel between one another.. NEVER! thats why i know we are 'ABNORMAL' but suit to each other.. hahahaa.. (not sincerely laughing..)

well, this friend of mine is a boy.. for sure, people would think sth other than being just friend. but who cares?? only we know our own condition.. there's a lot of stories in my life we used to share and can be said, he knows me better than my own BF.. he really2 understands me.. he used to advice me whenever i need, he used to accompany me whenever i wanted. he claimed himself as my GUARDIAN. OK then,.. its fine.. he even made a book for us..

lately, i make him like my very own big brother (as i never have and dying of have one..).. but, it's just from my point of view.. not his.. (actually i dunno what im talking about.. totally out of idea..)

OK! OK!! the big point i wanted to tell is, after weeks we never contact, suddenly he told me that his GF dun like our friendship.. she hates me.. wohow! its totally hurts! i never think anything negative of his GF but how dare she thinks of me like that?.. i burst into tears on that time.. i dont care.. i love him as a friend, but his GF makes me hates them.. Then, i took decision of BLOCKING them on FB,.. both of them and from now on, we'll never related. and even if i met him, i will pretend like i never knew him. NEVER.. so, meaning to say, OUR FRIENDSHIP IS GONE.. IT'S VANISHED IN JUST ONE NIGHT...

Sunday, May 15, 2011


ahaaa! Im BACK!! after recover from broken heart, n0w im started all over again..

do U believe in bless?.. well, now i do! C0z as i let go the pass, n0w i have a better one.. :)  [heyy! d0 U know what im talking about??] ITS ABOUT RELATIONSHIP! yeeahh... from my very own experience...

actually, i deactivated my FACEBOOK ACC when i was clash wif the old one.. for 2 weeks.. later as i activated, someone came over.. he message me via FB.. constantly... actually, i know him.. he's my senior in my old school. but well, i knew him as a naughty student and what worst is, he is my enemy at school! c0z he loved to teased me and leads into madness!

then, we exchange number and became friend... and getting close.. and closer... and closerrr... 0oopSss!!! STOP RIGHT THERE! hahahaaaa....!! few weeks later, we declared our relationship.. agagagagaaa! 12 days after i broke up wif d old one.. (guess im not in such pain huh?). he's also frustrated wif his ex.. nearly same situation BUT not same really! (what the heck im bluffing about?!)

there, my FAIRY TALE STARTED,,, he's full of concern of me, love and ROMANTIC! (Rrraaaww!!).. at first, i think we'll just gonna end up like other couples.. having fun, then leave.. but wif him?.. NO! it's not happening at all! in fact, day by day, he makes me fall in LOVE! (aaawwhhh)..!!

he's the only guy that really appreciates me.. there's a lot of things he has made for me.. well, he's a MOTOR MANIAC! but what makes me touched??? he put sticker of my name on his helmet and mine(he bought special for me)~i haven't put it on my head yet!

well, the red one WILL-BE-MINE.. and the white one, HIS! (i love white, he love red.. like it!).. CUTE HUH??~i mean his actions.. also, he put a sticker of my favorite theme to his plat  number! i love VALENTINO ROSSI, and his theme of THE DOCTOR .. then, my MR.RIGHT did this :

SEE??? look at the theme! gaah! this man drives me insane! i love him so much... he also put my picture on a frame and display it in his room... 

all i know, from being my close enemy years ago, now become my most loved one.. and that is a BLESS from Him.. He gave me a shit (my EX~hahahaha!) for me to learn to appreciate a gold (my new MR.RIGHT) even thought he was my worst enemy.. what lights me every time he calls me is when we talk about the pass, and compare it to now.. like him, me neither still cannot believe that i wud be in love wif him and we wud be in relationship.. just pray we may be lasts.. ^^

Monday, February 14, 2011

one fine day..

on that freshy hot morning, the purpose of us three was just to have a fine breakfast, after a tight conversation of our 'boria' thingy.. i drink a glass of cool hommade soya milk..(damn nice!) my companion, Alence and Nadia having their mee (dunno its name,..haha!) .. later on, we went to a cake house... as we entered, the smell inside is killing me! smells sweet! we puchased 3 pieces of cakes  (vanilla flavour with caramel and chocolate on top)~ yummy!! 
don't get jealous yah! hahahahaha...!! from left, mine, nad's and al's.. 

as we were about to cash ($$$$) the cakes , we saw valentine chocolates on the counter and it took minutes for us to choose.. both Nad and Al were exited to post those chocolate to their bf.. then i wanted too! (never say never!)  i gave a call to my Mr. Right, he still on his dreamy earth... he still asleep! aarrgghh!!! pick up the phone! cz i need his address so i can post my gift too. he just said he will try to find the address. from that kind of answer, i know i will never get his address.. in emotional, i just witness the happiness on my fellows' face.. the truth is, im not going to post him a gift. as we walked to the gate, finally he text me the address.. i was so excited as i walk back to the shop to buy the choc, while my two fellas going to purchase a box to place their choc. everything went smoothly.. we managed to arrived at the GD Express on time! as we done, then we realised we havent eat the cake that we bought just now! haha... it must have melted! we went to seremban parade, and Alence bought a new purple blouse (the one that she admired of) in a cheap price! (wont tell u the price..haha!) her purpose is to exchange her outfit because she wears 52nd Asean School Games t-shirt which is free... myself, and nadia are not satisfied on our outfit too! i wear the independent's day free pijama, and Nadia wears track pants. GOING OUT TO TOWN WASN'T A PURPOSE! then we went to PARKSON,at dolls corner.. walaaa! there we almost played all the dolls and wildly laughing as we've done everything idiot,.haha! we squeezed a cow doll nipples, sit on a froggie doll and many more! all in all, its crazy and funny..( bullying dolls...) later on, me and Nadia bought same type of short pants, but diff in colour.. hehehex!

we ended our "journey unpurposed" at the church for the sunset mass... guess its the blesing from God.. hehehe..

Monday, January 31, 2011

childhood nightmare..

since i was in grade 2 or 3 (not sure..) all my seniors love to insult me and bully me mentally.. i was just a small girl who cannot defend myself.. everytime i passed by their clases, they used to shout "anak PTI!!'' (PTI stands for Pendatang Tanpa Izin.. its not true! my parents are foreigner (from Philippines) that have legal pass staying here! infact, their parents loved and constantly asking favor from my parents.. but why their kids cannot accept me??.......) all i could do is just look down on the floor, and keep walking..trying to ignore them..but as i walk away, i was crying.. (hell! now im crying!!) it all happened every single day.. and every day, i cried.. my bestfriend from 1st grade, POLYNICA used to calm me down.. we cannot do anything to stop it.. everytime i tell my mum she keep telling me "ignore them..just keep studying and show them that u are capable.."at a point,when a boy in my class start a fight with me by calling me illegal student, i cant stand for it and crying in front of my mum as soon i go home and told her that i have enough with it.. then she came to school on the next day and scold that boy in front of other students.. but, he still keep calling me that.. so do with the other student..the seniors,boys and girls.. then when i was in grade 4,theres one day when i was excited to go home, i passed the grade 6 class.. a boy was unintentionally spit on my head..he didn't say sorry, in fact he burst into laugh.. i washed my head with tears and keep wondering why they cannot stop from treating me like a piece of shit... whhaaa!!! im so depressed!! also there's one morning when i still in grade 4, i found a letter on my desk.. it is from two girls in grade 5.. they said i am a slut, illegal student and many more.. they asked me to stop from studying there.. (hell who they think they are??).. suddenly,my bestfriend,.POLYNICA, grab that letter and she determined to reply it for me.. i said nothing as i don't care anymore.. next morning the two girls ambushed me and shout on my face.. i was stunted then the discipline teacher brought us to the office.. the girls accused me for insulting them on the letter (the one that poly replied) i have no idea the content is.. i kept my mouth shut as i don't dare to tell that it was poly who wrote the letter.. my parents told me they were jealous of me cause i used to go up on the stage to receive my award as top student every year.. aaah! thats not the point!! the people in my village started to notice and respect me when i received my PMR result.. i was the first one ever in my village who gained flying colour result in PMR.. i got full A's (7A) .. whaa! my parents was so proud and so do i am.. then when i have finished my study in secondary school, the villagers send their kids to my house for me to teach in math and english.. one of my student is the little brother of the girl that gave me the letter called me slut... later on, i further my study in IPRM as math student.. when i returned to my village on holiday last year, i met all the seniors that gave me nightmares ever since i was just 8 years old..they all working in markets and some of them don't work or study anymore.. the funny thing is, everytime they saw me, they give me the same respond that is pretending like they don't see me.. then i walk right in front of them, looked into their eyes, and when they look at me, i smile at them.. to show that I HAVE WON..

Saturday, January 29, 2011

his atmosphere chills me up to the bone..

yeah.. dats the thing.. when we're in love all the things happened become sweet and memorable.. as i do, the first time we met makes me cannot talk much as i used to be.. heheheh!
but, it only takes few minutes before i show my "THORNY HEAD"... hahaha! well, he accept it.. but,thats not the thing i wanted to talk about..
its about our first date.. we were,him,his dude n my buddie.. (busybody huh?!) at the 1st time he touch my hand and talked softly, it melts me..(aawwwhh~~) .. then later,he holds my hand tightly and rub his finger on my thumb (he love to do that on me)..that moment, i was sooo nervous (plus excited..haha!).. he's the first guy ever done that to me! (well,he's my first BF)..hahaha! even it's simple(just holding hand),but i love that feeling and still can feel it.. the first date was our declaration as LOVER.. (09/09/2010)...