Saturday, January 29, 2011

his atmosphere chills me up to the bone..

yeah.. dats the thing.. when we're in love all the things happened become sweet and memorable.. as i do, the first time we met makes me cannot talk much as i used to be.. heheheh!
but, it only takes few minutes before i show my "THORNY HEAD"... hahaha! well, he accept it.. but,thats not the thing i wanted to talk about..
its about our first date.. we were,him,his dude n my buddie.. (busybody huh?!) at the 1st time he touch my hand and talked softly, it melts me..(aawwwhh~~) .. then later,he holds my hand tightly and rub his finger on my thumb (he love to do that on me)..that moment, i was sooo nervous (plus excited..haha!).. he's the first guy ever done that to me! (well,he's my first BF)..hahaha! even it's simple(just holding hand),but i love that feeling and still can feel it.. the first date was our declaration as LOVER.. (09/09/2010)...

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