Friday, November 25, 2011

I have U!

yallow! how r yah?!
do u remember my old post about a friend of mine who have gone (GONE not stand for died, but GONE!) .. it is because of... epp! why shud i tell the same thing?? if u wanna know, then read that old post of mine! XD

here's the thing, HE's BACK! yeaahh,.. my friendship with him is so special.. the way he loves me (as a friend) is different! even my bestie (VORONIA) told me that the way he loves me is special,.. but, it's after know the true story.. that's my post is about,.. the story of his returning...

in FB, i approved many friend req but didn't realise about a friend named Kurt J. Danish.. he dun use real DP, he was using super mario's pic.. =.='' yeah who would've realise that?.. he tried to reach me like trying to catch my attention to chat wif him.. but honestly, i dun like to chat wif people who dun show their real face.. one night i chat with him as i attracted the way he chat, i mean his English was good! we chat fully in English and in my thought, he must be a clever but ugly boy.. (uuh, that's EVIL!)

i asked him to use his real pix, but he refused,.. hmm.. what~so~ever! i dun care.. but, he told me that he keep looking at my pictures ad it really freaked me off and kinda creepy.. yeah! who would't?? i mean he's using fake pictures, but looking at me real face pictures! he asked me what kind of person i think of him? i ans real honest, i was thinking he's a stalker.. hahaha! there's too many story between us on that one~night~chat..

on the next morning, he was asking me to leave 'someone' and i was really mad as who he think he is?? we barely know each other and now simply asking me to do sth under his order?! hell no!

on the next~next~next night, we have chat, AGAIN.. he makes me feel interested about him but the thing is, i dunno him! he said i do know him and he knows me but i have no idea who he is and as far as i know, he must be obsessed with me just like in the movie.. haahahh! silly me! >.<

late of the night, we were talking about friendship, and he said he missed me,.. urhh.. that's creepy! then i told him, i know the feeling of missing someone as im having the same feeling, but to someone else.. to an old friend of mine! then he said, he knows,.. because the person i miss is him.. then he told me that Kurt J. Danish is not his real name.. he have another real FB acc.. only one person i miss on that time.. and it's true, it was HIM,.. he was the person i miss.. he was my LONG LOST BESTFRIEND..

he said he tried to reach me so he made up new fb acc, to reach me.. that letter "J" in Kurt J. Danish stands for my name, Joy,.. on that time, i cant stop crying! huwaaaa!!!! i do really miss him!!!! he really loves me and never leave me,. because he is my GUARDIAN ANGEL.. i love u my friend!!!

this is OUR BOOK^^ 
he made it.. for us, for OUR STORY, for OUR FRIENDSHIP..