Tuesday, February 21, 2012


good day everyone! yahahahaaw!
heyy, psstt! I wanted to share something.. interested?? (even u're not I'm still gonna yah tell anyway..)
*syok sendiri*

okeh,okeh! pokus Jojoy! pokus! no more crappy intro! >.<

here, I have something important to share about FACEBOOK ABUSE ... hahahaa! I just made that up! (^^,)
yeeaahh,, nowadays some young teenagers (ehem! I mean younger teenagers than me okeh??) are using facebook in a wrong way! I mean,, a very-very wrong way! *not satisfied + angry*

it's about the page on Facebook! yeaaahh, yyeaahh,.. surely well-known peoples will have their page on FB right? BUT,,but,, what I'm mad about is, THOSE ORDINARY TEENAGERS also have page of them? I mean,, WHAT THE HELL?!! what, they think they are superstar??.. politician??.. superman??.. power puff girls??.. =..=  *lost for a moment*

OK, back to the topic.. they made up their page, put some *cute pictures -- especially with duck mouth* so people will like the page.. then what?.. I know they have their own right for doing what ever they want, but they should know who they are, and their position.. I mean, WAKE UP KIDS!! if they did contribute something to this nation or to the world, they may deserve to made up their page. but if not, then those page are just to promote themselves to peoples.. PUBLICITY.. all I can say, those page are SHIT.. (yeaahh it's a mean word, I know)..

all in all, in MALAY, ''bajet artis laa sangat.. x sedar diri''..




Friday, February 10, 2012


During a lecture, when my lecturer talk about baby's formation it reminds me of a video that I have seen before.. damn it I'm telling u,, it was AMAZING!! after that I tried to find the video via uTube.. yeay! I've found it!! this video makes me feel appreciate myself and people around.. like, REALLY! NOW I DO! after seeing the video, there's one precise thing changed in me.. I will not judge people's look.. never.. (before, I always do.. I just cant help it!-yeaahh... I'm %##&^$..) cause everyone is special (damn I hate that words!) .. but got to admit.. as the matter of fact, judging people doesn't make us better! but worse! furthermore, some people don't choose to born imperfect.. but still, they are the champion among thousands of 'other them' (if you know what I mean) so, THINK AGAIN fellas! XD

oh! here's the video!!


OK, Chiaow..


Friday, February 3, 2012


hiuw3!!! few days from now, I'm goin to join an event in my campus.. COMPULSORY dowh.. I'm off to PD (Port Dickson) for 4days and 3nights.. yeahhh,.. CAMPING!! frankly, I'm TOTALLY EXCITED! actually this is my 1st real experience ever! living in a tent! totally cool and adventerous! that's why I'm excited.. been dreaming of it since I was little (well, little-lerr) .. I still remember, almost every night,I will build up my tent, made of blanket.. and pretending I'm camping! (damn.. imaginary me!).. *Oohh, I bet YOU guys have done the same thing too*

this event (program actually) is called B.I.G (stands for Bina Insan Guru).. yeaahh well, being a teacher is not easy.. must be balanced in all field.. education (like me, MATHS), art, sports and lot more.. this is one of them.. I'm glad my parents have 'thrown' me in this career years ago as NOW i started to like it! hehehheehe! especially when it comes to OURDOOR ACTIVITIES... I also cant wait the activities that will be carried out during the camping... hope everything will be just fine all the time..