Friday, February 10, 2012


During a lecture, when my lecturer talk about baby's formation it reminds me of a video that I have seen before.. damn it I'm telling u,, it was AMAZING!! after that I tried to find the video via uTube.. yeay! I've found it!! this video makes me feel appreciate myself and people around.. like, REALLY! NOW I DO! after seeing the video, there's one precise thing changed in me.. I will not judge people's look.. never.. (before, I always do.. I just cant help it!-yeaahh... I'm %##&^$..) cause everyone is special (damn I hate that words!) .. but got to admit.. as the matter of fact, judging people doesn't make us better! but worse! furthermore, some people don't choose to born imperfect.. but still, they are the champion among thousands of 'other them' (if you know what I mean) so, THINK AGAIN fellas! XD

oh! here's the video!!


OK, Chiaow..


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