Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I'm getting older

some of u might know about my birthday, I mean my DOB.. XD
emmm.. on October 7th is a D-day for me.. but honestly, I felt nothing.. c0z when I stayed at home, my family will celebrate it.. but now, there's no chance at all since I've moved out for the sake of continue my study *sigh*
so I knew nothing will be special... na'aah.. well that was my mind set on my Bday eve (hahah!) -Oct 6th ..
exactly at 12.00 a.m (Oct 7th), suddenly two chinese girls (they are my coursemate and my neighbour at hostel) ambushed me when I was on my bed, facebooking.. damn I was so shock when they said HAPPY BIRTHDAY and gave me a box of SECRET RECIPE cake!! oh my god! I didn't expected it! really! on the same time, my roomate asks me to listen to sth, it is a Bday song! hahahaaa.. the chinese girls told me it is sincerely from her (Lai Lee Lu), Ling Kuok Lik, Richma (my roomie), Nadia, Alence and VijayaRamakrishna .. I love u babes!!


even it is simple, but it's fucking (fuck is a mean word!!!) meaningful for me! I tried to finish up the cake but it took a long..long...long time to make sure that cake is in my digestion! aahhaha!

then, on early in the morning (not sure the time~but it's DARK!) I heard sth in my room but I just ignored it as my sleep is too precious for me to disturb it! when I got awake, I saw a big present on my table! aaaww!!!! now what! full of surprises!! I grabbed that gift and a Bday card then read what's inside.. no metter how hardcore in am (CHE!!) , Im still a girl... I was CRYING reading that card! It was from my close friend,VORONIA..!! she surely have surprised me! when I unwrapped it,AAWW~~~ it was a CUTEMOST penguin doll and I named it as DADAQ, as voronia's nickname is DADAK .. hehehhee!!


here I could see how much they appreciate me and my existance as their friend..

ok, CHIOW! 


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

IT'S Tuesday !

what's with Tuesday?? huh? XD

it's the big event where all my back ache are paid! it's the NETBALL FRIENDLY MATCH! emm the result, just STAY TUNED fellas! =p

during the match, it's not so exhausting as I complained before.. it's maybe c0z I already have a good stamina since I practised every-single-day.. whoohoo! Im the centre yo! =.='' *show off*
at the first match, we, the 1st team (Maths unit) versus 2nd team (Science unit) .. we won.. I witnessed the scoreboard shows 8 - 2 .. oww... kinda far.. then the 2nd team versus the outsider (KMS students) oh! oh! KMS stands for Kolej Mara Seremban .. damn they are good! they won with 17 - 0 ! owww.. too.. too.. too far ! when it's our turn to defeat them, I was kinda nervous ( but not so much ok?).. we managed to make the first shoot .. then the KMS team.. then us.. then KMS.. when it's already 3 - 3, I was so stupid damn fool c0z I made mistakes! €.€ dont want to tell my mistakes here €.€ .. which cause my team left behind and the KMS team are getting their score more and more... uuh! Im responsible for this! small mistake would make a big effect! then the final result is.... DRUM ROLL PLEASE!! ............ cheng! kebak bak bum! ding dong ! #^$&^%*%^*%&^((* !! yeaahh that's the result.. hahahaha! XD

who cares who have won or lost? all I can say, just enjoy it and never get emotional especially when you are playing any physical games .. it would makes you feel even tired and no spirit to play ..

 at the end, I was just smile and happy.. the later on, I feel like crying ! c0z I just realised that my leg was sprain ! damn! then the bruise getting worst.. hopefully tonight it will get better as tomorrow we got rehearsal for sth IMPORTANT in our campus !

the red one is my unit, and the green one is the science unit..
I love this picture c0z we both the centre looks cute ! XD