Friday, September 16, 2011


ahaa! well,well,well. WHO'z the victim this time??! OUR LOVELY TUTOR, Mdm. Mazni of course! she invited us on Monday, and we made up a plan to give her a visit on Friday (uuuh! long enough to wait!!).. we were there by our own transportation, and also by our other tutor, Tn. Hj. Shuib.. we rely on him(our tutor) to be there c0z we tot he would know her place.. too bad, (T.T) we got lost.. wahahahahhahaa!!!! but not so CRITICAL situation for sure, we just missed her house. finally, we managed to arrived there on time. yeaahhh... she has a very nice and BIG house..... after enjoy the meal, here we (the girls) go... PHOTO SHOOT TIME! what i love about my class is, we share the same damn interest, SNAP PICTURES *who don't anyway??* and the boys love to tease us..(uuuh!) who cares! hahahhaa.. here some of the events.............................

hahahahaa!! we're creative when we get together...
really like (love) PHOTO SHOOT !

here's the ROMEOs of our class... 
extremely naughty classmate. 
the man in maroon is our tutor.


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