Monday, September 5, 2011

TEARDROPS on my Guitar

well,, hahahaa... here's the thing.. it's not my tears drop on my guitar.. na'ah.. XD
it was my FIRST day for guitar lesson... somehow, that's the thing i wanted to learn! finally, my wish became reality.. hua3!! damn happy yaw! my bestie (BFF) asks her friend to teach us.. that was an awesome experience! love it.. i only pass to play the song of PRICE TAG.. hehehehee..

one day, i'll buy a guitar and it's our dream (me and my bestie) to make cover of our favourite songs.. hehehhee.... AMEN! ok! CHIAW!

                             YYEAAH!! that's me.. COOL huh? XD

                                          that's the MASTER SIFU..

yep2!! thats my bestie! cool like me huh? eheheh!!                                                    

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