Thursday, September 22, 2011


'lang sin tii'... hahahahhahaa! well, in everyday life there always be a happy and painful moment yeeeh? sometimes having both in the same time.. that's what i've faced.. =.=''
emm.. we were in practice for a becoming friendly netball game with other institution.. (MY POSITION IS THE CENTRE!~WANNA SHOW OFF FIRST..hua3!!!) - but it's nothing lorh... needs to be an 'active monkey' as I cant stop to catch a breath when the game is on coz I have to run back and fort for entire field.. yeahh.. being a Centre is not fun... totally tiring!!! epp!!! back to topic! grrr........

Im taking back my last sentence! ~we were in practice and I accidently catch the ball in a wrong hand position (which we called as FOSHISHI in our very own language, Kantarin)- ahax! emm how to explain the accident? lemme think..................................................................................
OK, like this.... the ball hit my 3 fingers(right hand) which caused the bones of my three poor tiny cute fingers (che!) pushed into my palm... got the picture? nevermind.. hahaha! but not so critical.. I just burst into tears that's all... after have a little rest, I continued my game even it's still painful.. after the practice, when i got back to room, I realised the bruise got worst! i can't bend my fingers too much! oh no! how am I going to do a handwriting during my ENGLISH PAPER TEST on the next day?! errr, I can but have to bend my fingers and stand for the pain..

seems not so bad,.. but u'll never feel the pain!

that is not my original handwriting! it's the result of me forcing my hands to write..

the condition I hold my pen..
looks steady, but I was shaking in pain!

 what I can say, it's part of the fun! but now, my fingers are just fine and I still continue my practice.. and they are getting better... if I 'spoil' the pain too much, I won't get better,.. so, just deny the pain and force myself (you can be too!) to do what should be done!


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