Thursday, December 22, 2011

more than words..

''I love you more than words'' someone said that to me! yaa I just found out when I opened my old diary (the one for kiddo!).. but the point is, I have forgot the person who have said that,.. I hardly tried to recall but ended up with disappointment.. all I know, I might have been hurt then move on until I really have forgot the person.. yeahh! congrats to me! XD

but, that is not the point for my post.. I wanted to tell about someone I love among that I love most! =.=''???

hehehehe.. itsalla... it's all about my DAD! he saw me bought Arsenal pillow and from there, he knew I love Arsenal (but not too much, I'm new in soccer world)..
last time, he went to town with my mum.. when they returned, he called me and showed me a cap ( I'm not sure if that thing called CAP.. XD ) with Arsenal stitches on it! I was surprised! It's not about the ''cap'' because I'm not interested with such things, but his spirit and excitement to surprise me have makes me touched.. I almost cry in happy seeing his excited face,, then he asked me to put it on.. i just try to make him feel appreciated so I put it on and said I'm extremely happy having the cap..

my sister saw it and said ''biasa jak pun'' (means, nothing's special) .. ooh! it's not the ''cap'' that makes it special, but my dad! mum told me that he cant wait to show me the ''cap'' when they was on their way home.. well, I'm happy for that.. =) 

It's my precious for sure =)



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