Sunday, December 11, 2011


krekk! whoaa! that's the sound of my backbone! i've bend my body for hours.. =.=''

now, today, this morning (whatever joy!!) I want to tell sth IMPORTANT.. come! lemme whisper.. %*$*%&^%$^&$^*%&^/.. for sure i cannot whisper.. (watta h**l im mumbling about??!)

okayh! okayh! here's the thing.. see that title eh? well, 'him' i pointed as MY FATHER, tatay ko, aking ina! (nah! my tagalog is out!) hohoho! =.='' emm not funny!

well ( KEEP REPEATING "WELL"), he is a multitalented person and i really admire him not because i'm his daughter, but because THE WAY HE IS!

he is good in cooking.. for sure.. he can cook anything! (not everything).. hehehe! he can bake pancake, any meals, "kuih muih" (hahhaha! i dunno that word in english! damn broken english!) , and,,and,,and,, my favourite of all, he can make candy!!! yaa! hand-made candy! all i can say, he's a genius in cooking (but cannot defeat CHEF WAN <--- M'sia's best chef).. that's too far anyway..

other than that, he can fix things! any electrical, motor, wood things! yeaahh people of my neighbourhood sends their broken item to our house so he will fix it.. sometimes they call him to come over their house as they cannot bring big items like ceiling fan, washing machine & so on.. FOR FREE! so i will have no worries if i hav broken things if he is around.. he also can fix motorcycle,.. he can build one too! yeahh no lies! everything he can fix,, except CAR.. well (AGAIN!) no one is perfect right?

he can create any item to play made of sticks, rocks, plastic of anything! so all i can say, my life (my other family member too) are complete.. because of him..

he become the PERFECT MAN in my eyes because of the pain he had when he was young.. he don't want us to experience the same pain as he had.. he wants us to have a complete life.. he would do anything for us.. so i will have no complains about anything he gave me.. or anything i want but dont have it.. NOPE,, I WONT COMPLAIN!
 so, i made a guideline.. i want to be with someone exactly like my dad! and my mum is the luckiest person on earth coz she owns my dad! <3  love yo'll..

Dad, i love you!


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