Monday, February 14, 2011

one fine day..

on that freshy hot morning, the purpose of us three was just to have a fine breakfast, after a tight conversation of our 'boria' thingy.. i drink a glass of cool hommade soya milk..(damn nice!) my companion, Alence and Nadia having their mee (dunno its name,..haha!) .. later on, we went to a cake house... as we entered, the smell inside is killing me! smells sweet! we puchased 3 pieces of cakes  (vanilla flavour with caramel and chocolate on top)~ yummy!! 
don't get jealous yah! hahahahaha...!! from left, mine, nad's and al's.. 

as we were about to cash ($$$$) the cakes , we saw valentine chocolates on the counter and it took minutes for us to choose.. both Nad and Al were exited to post those chocolate to their bf.. then i wanted too! (never say never!)  i gave a call to my Mr. Right, he still on his dreamy earth... he still asleep! aarrgghh!!! pick up the phone! cz i need his address so i can post my gift too. he just said he will try to find the address. from that kind of answer, i know i will never get his address.. in emotional, i just witness the happiness on my fellows' face.. the truth is, im not going to post him a gift. as we walked to the gate, finally he text me the address.. i was so excited as i walk back to the shop to buy the choc, while my two fellas going to purchase a box to place their choc. everything went smoothly.. we managed to arrived at the GD Express on time! as we done, then we realised we havent eat the cake that we bought just now! haha... it must have melted! we went to seremban parade, and Alence bought a new purple blouse (the one that she admired of) in a cheap price! (wont tell u the price..haha!) her purpose is to exchange her outfit because she wears 52nd Asean School Games t-shirt which is free... myself, and nadia are not satisfied on our outfit too! i wear the independent's day free pijama, and Nadia wears track pants. GOING OUT TO TOWN WASN'T A PURPOSE! then we went to PARKSON,at dolls corner.. walaaa! there we almost played all the dolls and wildly laughing as we've done everything idiot,.haha! we squeezed a cow doll nipples, sit on a froggie doll and many more! all in all, its crazy and funny..( bullying dolls...) later on, me and Nadia bought same type of short pants, but diff in colour.. hehehex!

we ended our "journey unpurposed" at the church for the sunset mass... guess its the blesing from God.. hehehe..

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