Wednesday, May 18, 2011


hmmm... (my INTRO mode ~ SAD..)

here i wanted to tell a story.. i have a friend.. a very close one.. VERY.. VERY.. CLOSE ONE!! we used to texting, almost everyday... it's been 3 years and do U know what is amazing in our friendship??? we never quarrel between one another.. NEVER! thats why i know we are 'ABNORMAL' but suit to each other.. hahahaa.. (not sincerely laughing..)

well, this friend of mine is a boy.. for sure, people would think sth other than being just friend. but who cares?? only we know our own condition.. there's a lot of stories in my life we used to share and can be said, he knows me better than my own BF.. he really2 understands me.. he used to advice me whenever i need, he used to accompany me whenever i wanted. he claimed himself as my GUARDIAN. OK then,.. its fine.. he even made a book for us..

lately, i make him like my very own big brother (as i never have and dying of have one..).. but, it's just from my point of view.. not his.. (actually i dunno what im talking about.. totally out of idea..)

OK! OK!! the big point i wanted to tell is, after weeks we never contact, suddenly he told me that his GF dun like our friendship.. she hates me.. wohow! its totally hurts! i never think anything negative of his GF but how dare she thinks of me like that?.. i burst into tears on that time.. i dont care.. i love him as a friend, but his GF makes me hates them.. Then, i took decision of BLOCKING them on FB,.. both of them and from now on, we'll never related. and even if i met him, i will pretend like i never knew him. NEVER.. so, meaning to say, OUR FRIENDSHIP IS GONE.. IT'S VANISHED IN JUST ONE NIGHT...


  1. love so important than a sweet friendship like urs? what a waste the man is blinded by her gf. men are stupid,

  2. yeah dear.. thats what i think.. if i ever wanted to be wif him, i've ady been wif him.. i knew him longer than she did.. but well, GF comes first..