Friday, January 6, 2012

SO NOT ME .. =.=''

guapu nuh? ~broken tagalog =.=''

TOMOYA NAGASE!!!! I love you! (see?? so not me!) actually I'm not a big fan of Japanese or Korean actor  and actress.. but, I just dunno! I suddenly fell to this one, Tomoya Nagase,, yaa,yaa,yaa i have mention that earlier,, silly me >.<

''He'' also made me change my taste, that is (before,) I like to see guys with punk hair,.. so cool! but (now,) I like to see guys with long hair ~ which I really, really don't like before coz to me, it's messy!

even though I like (to see) guys with long hair, they must come along with good looking face, suits to have a long hair and neat, just like my TOMOYA NAGASE.. miahahahha!!

OH MY GUCCI!  I love to see him in this hair style!


handsome him!

looks nerd, but NICE & LOVELY!

haoyoo.. kung puede lang shia ang BF ko eh!


see that?? he's cute in any hair style!

sexy gayot.. >.<



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