Monday, January 9, 2012

Nostalgia Colours The Present..


mannn,, I suddenly had a flashback (errr =.='' just like in the literature class) about my past life.. I mean my Secondary School HEYDAY! there's too much memories that carve smile on my face every time they crossed my mind.. ''sweet sour bitter'' of student life, racing to claim the title of 'the best student' and trying to find identity.. mannn (AGAIN =.='') I miss that moment!

here's the thing, me, JOY (Kwaijit), my three other friends, POLY (Kakaw), JOE (Terim) and KINE (Ebol) are the best student in our school.. we're bestfriend and in the same time, we are competing each other.. every test, excel, trial and exam we will compete.. yeahh.. a healthy competition.. not only in education, but also sport.. especially basketball..,, theatre, and any activities in our school..

we even made up a name for our group, EGYPT POLKA DOLLS .. haha! looks immature huh?! actually I dont even know what ''Egypt'' have connected to us.. we choose it,, cause to make a nice acronyms where the Egypt Polka Dolls --> E.P.D .. (nice, but sounds like a police department) =.=''  Polka came from POLKA DOT and we just change the DOT into DOLLS (yeahh we claim ourself as CUTE DOLLS) grrr.... haha!

when we were still on the school bench (yeahhh.. kiddo and young) we shared a dream.. when we grow up, we will build our very own wedding company.. I will be the wedding planner, Poly will be the wedding dress fashion designer, Joe will be the chef and bake wedding cakes, and finally Kine will do the bride-groom make up.. huwaaa... we are full of dream and imagination!

oh! oh! we also have a nickname in our group, using cute fruit names!

I put their pixxa in sequence..

she is NURUL ASYIKIN MAT ZAIN.. or Ebol.. or, Kiwi by her fruit name.. a typical and complicated person, cheerful and naughty one.. we both love MATHEMATICS a lot! she's the oldest among us, but the SMALLEST one.. haha! cute!

This girl is POLYNICA PARISEH.. or Kakaw.. or, by her fruit name, Orange.. she's a very independent girl, protective, logic, funny and full of humour.. she's so good in Language.. both English and Malay.. and,and,and,, she's the second oldest.. FYI, she's my bestie since primary school..

this one is JOINA JOANES.. or TERIM.. or, her fruit name is Cherry.. she's a type of LOL person, humorous, happy go lucky, noisy and the toughest.. she's damn good in English.. She's the third oldest among us four..

since they're the 1st, 2nd and 3rd old,.. meaning to say,, i'm the youngest one! haha! (got nothing to laugh about) =.=''  and btw, my fruit name is LEMON!

yeahhh... we escaped the Physical Education Class to enter this ''modelling photoshoot'' class.. duhh! =.=''

err, ignore that spelling error.. haha! my bad! =p

here are some of our pictures during extra class.. yeahhh we're addicted to snap pictures.. in any time, any place..

P/S - I miss them! >.<



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