Thursday, June 28, 2012


yeaaah! guys ! im damn happy yaw ! why why why?? beheeee.....

the reason is..

eyypp,, before that, I want to tell that before (during my foundation years), I never pray so hard like I used to be when I was on school bench. During my schooling days, I always pray and asks for excellent results in my exams,.. and yeahh, I got them.. I even nominated as an excellent student from primary school and to secondary school. right after that, when I started further my study here, I have stop from praying and ask for good result.. yepp I suddenly stopped. don't know why.. = =''  and as we could expect, I never have excellent result. just an ordinary one.. all 3 semesters I never get more than 3.5 pointers !

but last semester, I felt that I need to change.. I must be what I used to be (chee!) .. so I started all over again,, study hard and pray hard for my final exam of 1st semester..


last Monday (I'm on 2nd semester already).. I went to check my last semester result.. oh btw, my major is Mathematics (simply meant to show off ,, hahaha! )

then, my result is, 4.00 a.k.a 4flat ! I cannot control my self and damn happy about it then I called my parents to inform them this GREAT news ! my parents were soooo glad and said I should maintain it that way.. then, my mood changed.. yeaah man,.. that's the consequences having a flying colour result.. I have to maintain it if I want to have the first class degree..

I realise, all my seniors done excellently on their 1st semester but eventually their grade become lesser and lesser.. I'm afraid if I might be like them too.. =(  I wish I can maintain my result.. heyy ! that is just 1st semester ! still have another 7 semesters to go.. oh man..

it's kinda great bless to me,, but also a burden.. but it's okayy, I know God knows and have set everything for me.. all I have to do is just keep study, keep praying and never give up.. nothing is impossible right?


ok, CHIAOW..


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