Friday, June 22, 2012


heyy heyy heyy ! wassup uols??

okay okay okay.. before I take further step, its better if I make it clear that this post gonna be in 'bahasa rojak' inasmush as I want to make a real picture about a story that just happened..

alright then,..

3 day ago, I got a message via FB from my own old friend.. he asks me to upload our pictures that we snapped on our last outing at a recreational centre.. he also asks me to tag him.. so, I inform my other friends that are also gonna be uploaded their pictures. I mean, asking permission if they want it to. there were 4 of us. so the other two were also agree. they got no problem at all.. he asks me to upload it that night.. but, i have no time. so last night, I did as I have promised him. (yeaah I'm a type of person who always fulfill my promises to others).. then I off to bed at 3.53am..

suddenly this morning at 10am he called me on the phone.. I was like,, ''aah.. I need sleep !'' then I picked up the phone..

Him = Joy, ko upload tu semua gambar??

Me = (sigh.. yeah are u blind?) .. iyaa.. suda sy upload..

Him = kenapa ko upload??!

Me = aik?? kan ko yg minta aritu.. ko lagi yg suru sy tag ko..

Him = mana ad ! sy xda minta pun..

Me = ko yang suru sy upload okay! hari tuh ko text sy d FB, suru sy upload tuh pic2 ko..

Him = eyy.. gambar2 yang macam tuu lagi tuu.. aiyaa.. sy manada on9.. lama suda sy x on9..

Me = jadi?? klu bukan ko, siapa yg suru sy upload? ko laa tuh !

Him = sy xda on9.. si ****** (HIS GF'S NAME) saja yang selalu on9 fb sy..

Me = ap?? sy igt ko! astegaaa..

Him = biarlaa tu ! aiyah !

*then he ended the call..

I straight away get up from bed then start on9 my FB.. I wanted to delete that album A.S.A.P.. then I saw many people like that album and some of them also commented on the pictures.. then I saw 1 comment on our pic, it's from his GF saying 'macam kamu x hormat perasaan sy.. kawan pun ada batas ba..'.. I straight away deleted that album..

well all I can say, she's such a tricky person.. she's the one who asked me to upload that pictures by using her BF's fb acc.. then now she's mad at me.. pretending that she's the victim of all.. and he also mad at me.. both are blaming me on this.. all I can say, 'saya free2 jadik kambing hitam perempuan itu'..

WELL PLAYED PEREMPUAN ! WELL PLAYED ! bagus jugak laa.. dapat laa sy tgk the real picture of you.. paling hipokrit punya orang.. talam dua muka.. depan2 macam baik kunun, skali di belakang,.. hanya Tuhan saja yang tahu.. SEMOGA KAU BERBAHAGIA DI DUNIA DAN AKHIRAT DENGAN PERANGAI TRICKY DAN HIPOKRIT KAU ITU..


ok bye..

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