Saturday, April 7, 2012


HUYY! HUYY! HUY!!! do u have any idea about it?? emm what is morphing?? hahahhaha!!! I have the answer *crossing fingers* =p

just now, I've discovered what is it.. It's a new method to predict your future baby's face with anyone u like! bahahahaa!!! I have discovered my future baby's face with many guys (DIRTY GIRL !) especially hollywood stars!!! I have a good potential to produce cute babies with Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter), Jensen Ackles, Justin Bieber (yeaahh i know many people calls him GAY~WHATEVER) and lot more! <-- =..='' sounds like a S*UT..

aah! whatever! I'm pretty excited about it! why not, I'm a single girl that have many choices of man! =p

but, what I precious most is a picture that I morphed with a guy I know,, my own friend..he is ^%$!@#*(&^@%)*^%... shhhh! Don't tell him! hahahah! damn! that our~future~baby~girl's face is so cute!!! don't have to mix with the European, Hollywood stars or so on,, still our face can produce such cute pretty face! hahahahaa!

this is her face! cute!
but,, when it come to our baby boy,, DUHH! kinda broke my heart *hitting head on the table* = ='' this is what I got..
cute, but don't like the hair.. ==''
well, if U scroll down, U'll see the face of my future baby with Hollywood stars.. don't get jealous okeh??!! be ready!!!!!! XD

baby boy of me and JENSEN ACKLES >.<
baby girl of me and JENSEN ACKLES >.<

baby girl with JUSTIN BIEBER !
DANEL HENNEY and my baby boy!

the baby boy of me and BRAD PITT ! >.<
sorry ANGELINA J !
baby boy of me and my fav actor!

baby girl with Harry Potter..
she looks like her Daddy.. aww~~

alright, enough with this daydreaming and building castle in the air thingy.. I know it's just a part of imagination,, but pretty exciting tho! hahahaha! I love this morphing thingy! =p ^.~



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