Tuesday, March 27, 2012

PRAY for them..

I was about to finish my presentation by looking for tumour images to be fitted in my powerpoint.. but what I have found sank my heart.. I cant believe what I have saw.. i was like,''oh my God! oh! God..!'' when I saw picture of a man (I guess so..) with a very big tumour..

only God knows..

how suffering this man is.. but still, he live the way that he could.. no metter how hard it is, he's trying to survive.. God has destined his story of life.. he faced it and we are witnessing his suffer.. isn't it enough to open our eyes? seeing this picture makes me more appreciate myself and never wanted to do anything that could harm myself..

peeps, we may blame God for bad things happened to us, but look at him,.. does he blame the God? I don't think so.. as the matter of fact, he may be keep praying every single second, so God will take away his pain and suffer..

*I'm not a sentimental type of person, but this picture makes me cry.. not coz of that big tumour, but what he is thinking by now*

may God bless him, 
and others who's suffering cancer..



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