Saturday, March 3, 2012


good day fellas! >.<  how's holiday? ooh! I forgot, holiday is a week to go.. but yeahh, I'm a future teacher who's got SBE (school based experience) a week before holiday so it seems that I have a week early of 'holiday' and real holiday..
holiday or no holiday, just the same.. surrounded by racks of assignments! --> totally HYPERBOLE = ='
maybe not racks, but too many till I forgot some of them @_@ bahahaaa! ok, maybe I'm just too lazy.. but heyy! this is not my exact point making this post! ooh where I have lost..

ok, back to my point.. here, I wanted to share about my last experience going to Pahang.. it's kinda bad day for me.. it was a painful long journey.. but also, FUNNY ! when we were at the KTM station, I cannot withdraw my money.. the ATM machine got stuck and my bank card was inside! I was so panicked.. luckily my friend, Alence help me by just clicking the 'CANCEL' button = ='' I was such a clumsy person and cannot think straight if I freaked out.. I forgot the existence of the 'CANCEL' button.. stupid me >_<

then, we were in rush to get into the train! we were still on the other side when the train arrived! so have to run climbing the stairs, crossing the bridge and get down by carrying a luggage, a backpack, and a massive 'MYDIN' recycle bag.. really, feels like I wanted to cry ! maaann! that's totally exhausting! with no shy, we sat on the floor as there's no more seat in the train.. watta day =..=

I HATE THIS THINGY! especially it's door! damn it =.=''

as we arrived at Bandar Tasik Selatan (ooh! from Seremban!), we bought LRT ticket.. then, once again, we're in rush to get into the LRT! but this time, it's really too late! both my friends (Maisarah and Alence) already inside! the door was closing and I managed block the door using my luggage.. here's the situation, my luggage stuck on the door, along with my left leg, and my body still outside of the train.. both my friends sreaming and I was just laugh aloud in the same time ALMOST cry!! then they pulled in my luggage and I pushed my body to get into the train. BUT, DAAAHH! the door stucked my backpack that I use and I was stuck at the door! then both my friends tried to pull me in, but it's not working! so a Muslim lady and a Chinese man helped them by pulling me in! four of them trying to fight the DAMN ASSHOLE DOOR! luckily it works.. seriously, I hate the door!!!!!!!!

the 3 of us laugh loudly and people around were watching us. they must have seen the 'chaotic' situation. WHAT~SO~EVER.. I don't care.. all I know it was funny and scary.. and really, the door have pissed me off! damn door!

so we went to Kuala Lipis, Pahang by bus.. Mai's father fetch us at the bus station.. on that time, my gastric attacked me! but I didn't tell them.

all i know, it as a very LONG PAINFUL AND FUNNY journey ever! I enjoyed too.. even feels like wanted to cry.. bahahahahaaa!



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