Sunday, May 15, 2011


ahaaa! Im BACK!! after recover from broken heart, n0w im started all over again..

do U believe in bless?.. well, now i do! C0z as i let go the pass, n0w i have a better one.. :)  [heyy! d0 U know what im talking about??] ITS ABOUT RELATIONSHIP! yeeahh... from my very own experience...

actually, i deactivated my FACEBOOK ACC when i was clash wif the old one.. for 2 weeks.. later as i activated, someone came over.. he message me via FB.. constantly... actually, i know him.. he's my senior in my old school. but well, i knew him as a naughty student and what worst is, he is my enemy at school! c0z he loved to teased me and leads into madness!

then, we exchange number and became friend... and getting close.. and closer... and closerrr... 0oopSss!!! STOP RIGHT THERE! hahahaaaa....!! few weeks later, we declared our relationship.. agagagagaaa! 12 days after i broke up wif d old one.. (guess im not in such pain huh?). he's also frustrated wif his ex.. nearly same situation BUT not same really! (what the heck im bluffing about?!)

there, my FAIRY TALE STARTED,,, he's full of concern of me, love and ROMANTIC! (Rrraaaww!!).. at first, i think we'll just gonna end up like other couples.. having fun, then leave.. but wif him?.. NO! it's not happening at all! in fact, day by day, he makes me fall in LOVE! (aaawwhhh)..!!

he's the only guy that really appreciates me.. there's a lot of things he has made for me.. well, he's a MOTOR MANIAC! but what makes me touched??? he put sticker of my name on his helmet and mine(he bought special for me)~i haven't put it on my head yet!

well, the red one WILL-BE-MINE.. and the white one, HIS! (i love white, he love red.. like it!).. CUTE HUH??~i mean his actions.. also, he put a sticker of my favorite theme to his plat  number! i love VALENTINO ROSSI, and his theme of THE DOCTOR .. then, my MR.RIGHT did this :

SEE??? look at the theme! gaah! this man drives me insane! i love him so much... he also put my picture on a frame and display it in his room... 

all i know, from being my close enemy years ago, now become my most loved one.. and that is a BLESS from Him.. He gave me a shit (my EX~hahahaha!) for me to learn to appreciate a gold (my new MR.RIGHT) even thought he was my worst enemy.. what lights me every time he calls me is when we talk about the pass, and compare it to now.. like him, me neither still cannot believe that i wud be in love wif him and we wud be in relationship.. just pray we may be lasts.. ^^


  1. waaa.... boleh tiru cara ni, hahahaha :P

  2. eeh! mana boleh! hak cipta terpelihara! hahahahaa... :p