Monday, January 21, 2013

should i cry?

'that' feeling is coming back.. i am so down. maybe this is all because of my stupid actions. i always makes him can't breathe and now, i deserve this. he started to keep away from me. he is no longer the old him that i knew. he now will ignore me. the more i want his attention, the more he's trying to run away. i was so sad. so down. feeling down deep at the valley.

like my friend said, we want them to love us, not control them to love us. she was right. she has opened my eyes. but now, i guess its just too late. he is ignoring me.

so i text him, i said that i understood for what he is facing now, for why is he doing this to me. and i said i'm going to give him some space and time. i will never ever contact him or try to disturb him. i will wait for him to contact me. if he's not, and it meant to be like that i will try to endure the pain that i will face and just let him go.

honestly, deep inside i wanna cry. yeah cry.

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